About Me

Welcome to Creative Saga, a food blog dedicated to the love and passion for food and cooking. This blog focuses mainly on vegetarian cuisine from India, the United States, and all over the world. We hope you will enjoy the wonderful recipes on this website.

Creative Saga was formerly owned and operated by a native of Tamil nadu, Somya, who had spent 25 years in Maharashtra, including a few years in Gujarat, Delhi, and Singapore. She started the website for you love for all kinds of cuisines.

In Somya,’s own words: “I was not a very keen cook in the beginning. It was just because I was left with no choice and I had to cook. Cooking was just not my cup of tea, I believed. But my initial days of boredom immediately after my marriage and in a foriegn country only with a few friends lead me to take cooking as a creative hobby. I actually cooked and enjoyed it too!!I developed a sudden liking for cooking and used to ask my friends and relatives for new recipes.I use to ask my grandmom for authentic tamil recipes leaving her puzzled!! And next, I wanted a space where I could store my precious recipes with the picture and share it with my family and friends .Thus the “Creative Saga” came into existence. But then I had a few readers who followed my blog regularly. Then the number of readers grew. People actually began trying my recipes and giving me feedback. That was a huge inspiration and encouragement. I still don’t consider myself a great cook.I do make mistakes and have my own disasters in kitchen. I am still learning and the blog inspires me to do more. There is still so much to learn.”

Creative Saga Website Today is Under New Ownership

In 2023, the domain creativesaga.com was acquired by Inspiritas Media, LLC. However, in honor of Somya’s mission and legacy, we are dedicated to continue bringing you the best vegetarian, Indian, and international recipes from all over the world.

Many of these recipes were discovered by family, friends, blogger friends, and other websites. We have tried to give credit to bloggers and other sites where credit is due.

Focus is given to healthy recipes. Some of these are low fat, some low calorie, but all delicious. Many if not most of the recipes are quick and easy. And we truly hope you will enjoy!